Town of Robersonville, NC

Public Safety

Robersonville Police Department

Police Chief
Phillip Lee
119 South Main Street
PO Box 865
Robersonville, NC. 27871
Phone: (252) 508-0310

Robersonville Police Department is always searching for better ways to serve the citizens of our community and we hope that this web site will further this endeavor by providing information helpful to you. We will add new information to this site over time.

Robersonville Police Department staffs 7 full time officers. Our goal is to protect and serve the community of Robersonville.

Contact Information
Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: (252) 789-4555
Police Chief Office: (252) 508-0312
Fax: (252) 508-0319


Fire Department

Fire Chief
Mutt Smith
119 South Main Street
Robersonville, NC. 27871
(252) 508-0331

To save lives and property.

General Information
The Robersonville Fire Department consists of a full time Fire Chief and 28 volunteers serving an area of approximately 100 square miles including the towns of Robersonville, Everetts, and Parmele out of one station located at 119 South Main Street. The ISO rating for the Department is 6 in town,1-5 miles out of town 7, after 5-6 miles 9.


2006 Rosenbauer Engine, 1250 GPM Pumper, 1000 gallon tank  (Engine 53)
1988 Grumman 50 ft. Telesquirt 1000 GPM pump 500 gallon tank (Engine 52)
1991 E-One Tanker (GMC) 500GPM PTO pump 1500 gallon tank   (Tanker 54)
1997 E-One Rescue Pumper 1250 GPM pump 500 gallons water (Engine 51)
2003 F-250 Ford Pickup Truck (Brush Truck 55)

Robersonville Rescue/EMS

Glen E. Cowan, Captain
Robersonville Rescue & EMS
PO Box 1346
Robersonville, NC 27871
(252) 508-0317
Jonathan W. Dail
Robersonville Rescue & EMS
PO Box 1346
Robersonville, NC 27871
(252) 508-0317

Robersonville Rescue and EMS is a combination of paid and volunteer members. Our Rescue/EMS district covers approximately 100 Square miles.

Members of Robersonville Rescue & EMS are trained in Advanced Life Support to the EMT level. This level of training allows these providers to utilize specialized EMS skills such as advanced level assessments, the use of a semi-automatic defibrillator and the use of Epinephrine pens. They can also assist patients with medications such as Nitroglycerin and Albuterol. These providers maintain their knowledge and skills by regular attendance to continuing education classes covering a broad spectrum of pre-hospital medical topics.

Our Mission
To serve the citizens of Robersonville and Martin County, providing emergency medical care to the sick and injured and rescue services to individuals entrapped in vehicles or machinery as well as other rescue operations. Provide exemplary patient care to save life, administer first aid, teach safety and perform any service to minimize injury to persons and damage to property in any emergency.

Robersonville Rescue and EMS provide three EMS units and Members are Medical Responders or Basic EMT credentialed.

Robersonville Rescue and EMS also provides Rescue and Extrication services in conjunction with the EMS. Members are Rescue Technician certified by the state of North Carolina.


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